About us

We are a venture company who specialize in research, & development of innovative technologies needed for a smartphone.

CidT has succeeded an independent development of world first own wireless charging antenna as named Shifted Layer Antenna(SLA) and positon tracking S/W solution as named Frequency Tracking Technology(FTT).
Those are patented in domestic and international and have supplied in large quantity to Smartphone makers.
From year 1998, CidT has developed & commercialized a 13.56Mhz short distance communication NFC Antenna firstly in the world. Based on this success, CidT has also developed & commercialized a multi functional antenna which comply with both NFC standard and wireless charging WPC compliance with frequency range 110~205Khz. Furthermore, CidT has developed the Frequency Tracking Technology(FTT) S/W for the most safe charging circumstance of inductive wireless charging method by finding the most suitable charging position & self controlling of heating and efficiency during the charging period.

CidT also has succeeded a development of 10~100um thickness thin metal sheet(Nickel-Silver Sheet / NSS) for Smartphone intenna & force(pressure) sensor electrode use first in the world & now supply to domestic and overseas customers.
The Nickel-Silver Sheet(NSS) based FPCB has several competitiveness against conventional Cu based FPCB.
Also as a partnership with overseas’ companies , we are now supplying ① Credit Card Recognition(CCR) which adopted by Samsung Pay, Business Card Recognition(BCR), Optical Character Recognition(OCR) S/W engine ② Video Stabilization S/W engine(EIS) to domestic and overseas Smartphone makers.

All staffs in CidT do the best to provide the best valuable efforts to customers in rapid changed Smartphone industry as an effective solution developer & solution provider.

Thank you
CidT Co., Ltd. All members.